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Harry Livingstone

Alasdair Hankinson

A  graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Alasdair grew up in  the North of England and has a joint UK/Canadian heritage.

He  has a mastery of accents and voices, and has worked extensively on  stage throughout Scotland, featuring in productions at the Tron,  Citizens, Oran Mor, Traverse and with the National Theatre of Scotland’  as well as playing Will (lead role) in THE LEGEND OF CAPTAIN CROW’S TEETH at Unicorn Theatre, London.

Alasdair is equally at home in the studio and has recorded regularly with BBC radio.

His latest screen work is in Stephen Frears’s THE LOST KING.

He  is a high energy actor with wonderful voice skills suitable for all  aspects of theatre, film and radio, underpinned with tremendous comedy  timing and physical capability.



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