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Rory Adam

From a young age, Rory grew up in a single parent alcoholic household.

Struggles at school and a rebellious streak saw him placed in the Scottish care system as a teen. After moving school, Higher Drama teacher Mrs Browning helped Rory channel his rebelliousness in to curiosity & performance. Based on carers advice, he then left school to study Business at college.

When his Mum fell ill, Rory became her full-time carer until she sadly passed away when he was 22 years of age, just six months after the death of his Grandad & role model, Jimmy.

Whilst working a day job, Rory attended a night time acting class where he was encouraged to pursue acting full-time.

As mature student, Rory graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is of Scots-Irish heritage, known for his "strong stage presence" (Stephen Purden, Irish Post). He has been in 3 plays at the Edinburgh Festival and is due to perform there again in 2024, whilst appearing in award winning short and mid-length films internationally. Rory enjoys animals, dance, music, poetry & comedy, writing for screen when he is not acting.



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