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Musical Theatre Agent: Matt Jones

Welcome to our Musical Theatre department representing

highly trained and talented singers, dancers, actors and musicians in all aspects of musical theatre.

For enquiries please email:

mobile: +44 7354 249262

Liam Bradbury

Tenor Baritone E2 to G4

Ballet, Tap

Piano, Sax, Flute

Maia Journeau

Mezzo Soprano C3 to B5 (Belt to Bb4)

Ballet, Tap, Rap, Line Dancing

Cara Burns

Mezzo Soprano F3 to A5
(belt to E5)

Jazz, Contemporary

Callum Latham

Tenor G3 to Bb4 (F5 Falsetto)

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Lyrical

Charlotte Burnside

Soprano C3 to B5 (belt to Bb4)

Contemporary, Jazz, Tap

Melody Nehme

Mezzo Soprano G3 to E5

Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Tap

Linzi Devers

Mezzo Soprano E3 to F#6 (belt to G5)

Tap, Contemporary, Scottish

Robyn Gray

Soprano G3 to C6

Tap, Baton, Modern, Jazz

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